A Walk to Remember (2002)

A Walk to Remember

One teenage summer, I met someone who I thought wanted to be my friend. She proved only to want something I had that she didn’t. Landon Carter (Shane West) knocks on Jamie Sullivan’s (Mandy Moore) door after blowing her off in front of his friends earlier in the day. Whatever his purpose, Jamie interrupts and suggests that they could be secret friends. In his stupidity, Landon grabs hold of the idea with both hands, lights up and says that he thinks it a swell idea. Jamie looks him in the eye and suggest he try telepathy to read what she things of the plan as she slams the door in his face. I wish I had had Jamie’s indignance when I capitulated lo those many years ago. My choice still sends a shudder whenever I recall it.

Director:  Adam Shankman
Writer:  Nicholas Sparks; Karen Janszen
Shane West -  Landon Carter
Mandy Moore -  Jamie Sullivan
Peter Coyote -  Reverend Sullivan
Daryl Hannah -  Cynthia Carter
Lauren German -  Belinda
Clayne Crawford -  Dean
Al Thompson -  Eric
Paz De La Huerta -  Tracie
Jonathan Parks Jordan -  Walker
Matt Lutz -  Clay Gephardt
David Andrews -  Mr. Kelly
David Lee Smith -  Mr. Carter
Xavier Hernandez -  Luis
Marisa Miller -  Ms. Garber
Paula Jones -  Sally
Erik Smith -  Eddie Zimmerhoff


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