Cursed (2005)


Having spent the better part of my high school day being picked on by one type of bully or another, I have a healthy disdain for all things authoritative. Once I figured out how I fit within the confines of the teen hierarchy, I was able to skip many of the gauntlets thrown into the path of others in my school (and help a few avoid them as well). Jimmy (Jesse Eisenberg) is plagued by a trio of bozos led by Bo (Milo Ventimiglia) who thinks that gay slurs and epithets will show how cool he is in the eyes of his acolytes and girlfriend Brooke (Kristina Anapau). A wrestling challenge goes awry after Jimmy is infected with lycanthropy. However, in an unusual turn for a movie like this, Bo’s loss does provoke his to come out of the closet.

Director:  Wes Craven
Writer:  Kevin Williamson
Portia de Rossi -  Zela
Mya -  Jenny
Shannon Elizabeth -  Becky
Solar -  Zipper
Daniel Mora -  Jose
Kristina Anapau -  Brooke
Jesse Eisenberg -  Jimmy
Milo Ventimiglia -  Bo
Jonny Acker -  Earl
Eric Ladin -  Louie
Christina Ricci -  Ellie
Joshua Jackson -  Jake
Derek Mears -  Werewolf
Nick Offerman -  Officer
Michael Rosenbaum -  Kyle
Ken Rudolph -  Newscaster


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