Dog Park (1998)

Dog Park

There are times in your life when an opportunity presents itself and you know that if you handle it properly, all sorts of wonderful things will happen. But how do you proceed? Andy (Luke Wilson) is asked by Lorna (Natasha Henstridge) to crack her neck when she is felling morose and down, her muscles are tight and she is tired. He doesn’t know how but he figures he should try and pick her up. But when he gives her a line about coming back to his place or goes to hers, she’s disappointed and grumpy that it is the best he can come up with.

Director:  Bruce McCulloch
Writer:  Bruce McCulloch
Natasha Henstridge -  Lorna
Luke Wilson -  Andy
Kathleen Robertson -  Cheryl
Janeane Garofalo -  Jeri
Bruce McCulloch -  Jeff
Kristin Lehman -  Keiran
Amie Carey -  Rachel
Gordon Currie -  Trevor
Harland Williams -  Callum
Mark McKinney -  Dr. Cavan, Dog Psychologist
Peter MacNeill -  Neighbor
Albert Schultz -  Male Dog Owner #2
Jerry Schaefer -  Norm
Zachary Bennett -  Dougie
Ron James -  Male Dog Owner
Diane Flacks -  Chirpy Dog Owner


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