Dragonheart (1996)


Girls. They always spoil things. Just when a guy and a dragon have a good scam going, fleecing unsuspecting villages for cash by killing a rampaging monster, along comes Kara (Dina Meyer) to toss a wrench into the works.. Sure, she has had it tough. The aristos have killed her dad. The town has sacrificed her to placate the dragon and he has swanned off carrying her to his lair for what the town hopes is lunch. But it turns out that Kara and Draco, the dragon, get along swimmingly and Bowen (Dennis Quaid) is left to cool his jets while the two of them witter on.

Director:  Rob Cohen
Writer:  Patrick Read Johnson; Charles Edward Pogue
Dennis Quaid -  Bowen
David Thewlis -  King Einon
Pete Postlethwaite -  Gilbert of Glockenspur
Dina Meyer -  Kara
Jason Isaacs -  Lord Felton
Brian Thompson -  Brok
Lee Oakes -  Young Einon
Wolf Christian -  Hewe
Terry O’Neill -  Redbeard
Eva Vejmelkova -  Felton’s minx
Milan Bahul -  Swamp village chief
Peter Hric -  King Freyne
Sandra Kovacicova -  Young Kara
Kyle Cohen -  Boy in field
Thom Baker -  Aislinn’s chess partner
Julie Christie -  Queen Aislinn


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