Forces of Nature (1999)

Forces of Nature

Each time we meet somebody, we form an impression of who they are, what they’re like and how they will handle themselves in many situations. Sometimes we’re surprised and other times, we’re not. Ben Holmes (Ben Affleck) has just met Vic DeFranco (Jack Kehler) and seen him in his car. Ben is traveling with Sarah Lewis (Sandra Bullock) from New York to Savannah, Georgia and he asks her, “How do you know I’m not dangerous?” and Sarah smiles, then laughs, then chortles and just walks off leaving him to draw his own conclusions.

Director:  Bronwen Hughes
Writer:  Marc Lawrence
Ben Affleck -  Ben Holmes
Sandra Bullock -  Sarah Lewis
Maura Tierney -  Bridget
Steve Zahn -  Alan
Blythe Danner -  Virginia
Ronny Cox -  Hadley
Michael Fairman -  Richard Holmes
Afemo Omilami -  Cab Driver
Richard Schiff -  Joe
David Strickland -  Steve Montgomery
Jack Kehler -  Vic DeFranco
Janet Carroll -  Barbara Holmes
Meredith Scott Lynn -  Debbie
George Wallace -  Max
Steve Hytner -  Jack Bailey
John Doe -  Carl Lewis


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