Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)

Jesse Stone: Night Passage

Meeting a new sweetie is always a caution. Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) gentlemanly opens a door for Abby Taylor (Polly Shannon) who barrels through without so much as a thanks. She comes in ranting about Jesse’s assault on Joe Genest (Stephen Baldwin) who chose to ignore a restraining order. She wonders about how dangerous Joe is when Jesse tell her they keep guys like him as pets in south-central LA. She’s smitten and he’s interested.

Director:  Robert Harmon
Writer:  Tom Epperson; Robert B. Parker
Tom Selleck -  Chief Jesse Stone
Stephanie March -  Cissy Hathaway
Stephen Baldwin -  Joe Genest
Polly Shannon -  Abby Taylor
Saul Rubinek -  Hastings Hathaway
Viola Davis -  Molly Crane
Vito Rezza -  Anthony D’Angelo
Kohl Sudduth -  Luther ‘Suitcase’ Simpson
John Beale -  Dr. Perkins
Maria Brooks -  Sandy
Brian Jamieson -  Truck Driver
Christie MacFadyen -  Veterinarian
Stephen McHattie -  Captain Healy
Agumeuay Nakanakas -  Native Man #2
Liisa Repo-Martell -  Carole Genest
Brittany Robertson -  Michelle Genest


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