Kettle of Fish (2006)

Kettle of Fish

How much are you willing to compromise? After getting kicked out of his girl friend’s apartment, Mel (Matthew Modine) wants his back from a sub-let. Ginger (Gina Gershon), her of the spotty English accent, is now firmly ensconced in it. She’s willing to let him back in subject to some restrictions. Just to be fair, Mel has a few of his own. It’s awkward but at least he has a roof over his head.

Director:  Claudia Myers
Writer:  Claudia Myers
Matthew Modine -  Mel
Gina Gershon -  Ginger
Christy Scott Cashman -  Diana
Fisher Stevens -  Bruce
Kevin J. O’Connor -  Harry
Isiah Whitlock Jr. -  Freddie
Krista Ayne -  Seductive Neighbor
Samantha Buck -  Mother
Lois Chiles -  Jean
Ranjit Chowdhry -  Doorman
Ewa Da Cruz -  Inga
Revina Delmars -  Isabelle
Darrie Lawrence -  Resident
Marc Lazard -  Best Man
John Buffalo Mailer -  Logan
Stephen Mailer -  Band Leader


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