Michael Clayton (2007)

Michael Clayton

Part of our rite of passage into adulthood is to get pearls of wisdom from a parent. Often we just let it slip away and it’ll resurface at some delicate moment as we get older. Sometimes the chat is about a topic that stays with us, usually because it is so unexpected. Michael Clayton (George Clooney) has just left his brother who pissed away the equity in their restaurant with booze and drugs. He turns to his son and lets him know that he has the stuff that won’t allow him to screw up his life. He sees it in the lad and he hasn’t the foggiest idea of where it came from.

Director:  Tony Gilroy
Writer:  Tony Gilroy
Tom Wilkinson -  Arthur Edens
Michael O’Keefe -  Barry Grissom
Sydney Pollack -  Marty Bach
Danielle Skraastad -  Bridget Klein
Tilda Swinton -  Karen Crowder
George Clooney -  Michael Clayton
Wai Chan -  Chinese Dealer
Alberto Vazquez -  Player #1
Brian Koppelman -  Player #2
Thomas McCarthy -  Walter
Denis O’Hare -  Mr. Greer
Julie White -  Mrs. Greer
Austin Williams -  Henry Clayton
Jennifer Van Dyck -  Ivy
Frank Wood -  Gerald
Richard Hecht -  Auctioneer


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