My Name Is Modesty (2003)

My Name Is Modesty

Everybody needs a teacher. It can be for something as simple as tying your show laces or as complex as organizing a concert. It isn’t as if knowledge comes full blown into our heads. The old homily of giving somebody a fish versus teaching them how to catch their own applies. Modesty Blaise (Alexandra Staden), as a child, is on the run after escaping the camp with her companion, Professor Lob (Fred Pearson), an ex-college educator from Zagreb, questions the need for his books. She foolishly suggests that she knows everything she needs.

Director:  Scott Spiegel
Writer:  Lee Batchler; Janet Scott Batchler
Alexandra Staden -  Modesty Blaise
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau -  Miklos
Raymond Cruz -  Garcia
Fred Pearson -  Professor Lob
Valentin Teodosiu -  Louche
Eugenia Yuan -  Irina
Ion Haiduc -  High Roller
Bogdan Dumitrescu -  Boutellis
Marcello Cobzarju -  Charopos
Dragos Bucur -  Janos
Dan Astileanu -  Squad Leader
Damian Oancea -  Sympathetic Man
Mihai Bisericanu -  Stassi


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