Panic (2000)


What happens when you’re unhappy with your life? Some struggle through it and find a solution. Others change parts of it—job, spouse, city, etc.—to find relief from that which is causing the problems. Some see a shrink to find out whether it is them or something in their life. For Alex (William H. Macy), it isn’t quite so straightforward. He’s working in the family business with his dad Michael (Donald Sutherland). His mom, Dierdre (Barbara Bain) helped start the business and it’s all Alex has known since he was a wee sprout. No wonder he is seeing a psychiatrist. You see being employed as a killer-for-hire can be stressful. But he thinks he may have found a release after meeting Sarah Cassidy (Neve Campbell) in the doctor’s waiting room. She’s cute, perky, available and as interested in him as he is in her. This could be better for a mid-life crisis than that little red sports car.

Director:  Henry Bromell
Writer:  Henry Bromell
William H. Macy -  Alex
John Ritter -  Dr. Josh Parks
Neve Campbell -  Sarah Cassidy
Donald Sutherland -  Michael
Tracey Ullman -  Martha ‘Matty’
Barbara Bain -  Deidre
David Dorfman -  Sammy
Tina Lifford -  Dr. Leavitt
Bix Barnaba -  Louie
Nicholle Tom -  Tracy
Thomas Curtis -  Alex at Seven
Andrea Taylor -  Candice
Steve Moreno -  Sean
Erica Ortega -  Rachel
Greg Pitts -  Alex at Twenty
Stewart J. Zully -  Eddie


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