Playing by Heart (1998)

Playing by Heart

If there are cooler guys that Sean Connery, I’m not sure who they are. If you can think of whom they might be, send an email. But seeing him as a happy puppy in his role as Paul, panting and prancing about, as his wife Mildred (Gena Rowlands) orders him off to bed shouldn’t be missed by any of his fans.

Director:  Willard Carroll
Writer:  Willard Carroll
Gillian Anderson -  Meredith
Ellen Burstyn -  Mildred
Sean Connery -  Paul
Anthony Edwards -  Roger
Angelina Jolie -  Joan
Jay Mohr -  Mark
Ryan Phillippe -  Keenan
Dennis Quaid -  Hugh
Gena Rowlands -  Hannah
Jon Stewart -  Trent
Madeleine Stowe -  Gracie
Matt Malloy -  Desk Clerk
Christian Mills -  Phillip
Kellie Waymire -  Jane
Patricia Clarkson -  Allison
April Grace -  Valery


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