Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

Sweet Home Alabama

When you decide to go home for a visit after being away for seven years, it is probably a good idea not to drop by your local bar and get completely shit-faced. Particularly if you didn’t leave under the best of circumstances. Melanie Carmichael (Reese Witherspoon) is now a successful New York fashion designer but she needs to get her high school husband to sign the divorce papers he’s been reluctant to do. A boatload of shots loosens her tongue to the extent that she outs Bobby Ray (Ethan Embry), her old high school chum, and moves on to confirm the rumour that she married Jake Perry (Josh Lucas) because he got her pregnant under the bleachers. Topping off her evening out, she pukes regally all over the front seat of Jake’s truck as he tries to take her home. Ahhh… those high school memories.

Director:  Andy Tennant
Writer:  Douglas J. Eboch; C. Jay Cox
Reese Witherspoon -  Melanie Carmichael
Josh Lucas -  Jake Perry
Patrick Dempsey -  Andrew Hennings
Candice Bergen -  Mayor Kate Hennings
Mary Kay Place -  Pearl Smooter
Fred Ward -  Earl Smooter
Jean Smart -  Stella Kay
Ethan Embry -  Bobby Ray
Melanie Lynskey -  Lurlynn
Courtney Gains -  Wade
Mary Lynn Rajskub -  Dorothea
Rhona Mitra -  Tabatha Wadmore-Smith
Nathan Lee Graham -  Frederick Montana
Sean Bridgers -  Eldon
Fleet Cooper -  Clinton
Kevin Sussman -  Barry


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