The Last Shot (2004)

The Last Shot

There have been times when I’ve found myself sharing a table in a restaurant with people I barely know. The chatter about the table has been boisterous, raucous, intense and unnerving. But talk of bodily fluids has always remained in the context of humour. Emily French (Toni Collette) is so excited to get the movie part of Charlotte when Joe Devine (Alec Baldwin) and Steve Schats (Matthew Broderick) offer it to her that she grabs a glass off the table. She slips it under her skirt to fill it for a drug test, should they want her to take one, and plunks it back onto the table, spattering her dinner companions. Eeeuuuwww…

Director:  Jeff Nathanson
Writer:  Steve Fishman; Jeff Nathanson
Matthew Broderick -  Steven Schats
Alec Baldwin -  Joe Devine
Toni Collette -  Emily French
Tony Shalhoub -  Tommy Sanz
Calista Flockhart -  Valerie Weston
Tim Blake Nelson -  Marshal Paris
Buck Henry -  Lonnie Bosco
Ray Liotta -  Jack Devine
Ian Gomez -  Agent Nance
Troy Winbush -  Agent Ray Dawson
Tom McCarthy -  Agent Pike
W. Earl Brown -  Willie Gratzo
Evan Jones -  Troy Haines
Glenn Morshower -  Agent McCaffrey
James Rebhorn -  Abe White
Amy Smallman -  Heidi Katz


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