The Muse (1999)

The Muse

All agreements should be fair to both parties. But there aren’t any rules about how you get to that stage. Steven Philips’s (Albert Brooks) career has tanked without him even noticing. He needs help so he decides to solicit the guidance of a muse, Sarah Little (Sharon Stone). In return for her help, Steven has to provide her with food and shelter. Back and forth, they spar. She wants this, he’s willing to provide that. While negotiating, Sarah looks as if he’s kicked a puppy and Steven looks as if somebody squeezed his heart.

Director:  Albert Brooks
Writer:  Albert Brooks; Monica Mcgowan Johnson
Albert Brooks -  Steven Phillips
Sharon Stone -  Sarah Little
Andie MacDowell -  Laura Phillips
Jeff Bridges -  Jack Warrick
Cybill Shepherd -  Herself
Monica Mikala -  Julie Phillips
Jamie Alexis -  Mary Phillips
Marnie Shelton -  Jennifer
Catherine MacNeal -  Anne
Mark Feuerstein -  Josh Martin
Lorenzo Lamas -  Himself
Jennifer Tilly -  Herself
Bradley Whitford -  Hal
Skip O’Brien -  Universal Studio Guard
Aude Charles -  Spielberg Secretary #1
Ange Billman -  Spielberg Secretary #2


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