The Saint (1997)

The Saint

Simon Templar (Val Kilmer) is a bold master thief and impersonator who sells his services to the highest bidder. When he is offered $8 million to steal the formula for cold fusion, he doesn’t hesitate. Off to Russia to turn it over to his employer, he is confronted in a Moscow bar by Dr. Emma Russell (Elisabeth Shue), the formula inventor who has followed him. He is gobsmacked to discover that she would have given it to him if only he had asked for it. What he doesn’t seem to understand is her view that science should be free for everybody and one shouldn’t hoard such secrets. Too much time spent in the foggy corridors of spies and evil-doers? It seems likely.

Director:  Phillip Noyce; Philip Noyce
Writer:  Leslie Charteris; Jonathan Hensleigh; Wesley Strick
Val Kilmer -  Simon Templar
Elisabeth Shue -  Dr. Emma Russell
Rade Serbedzija -  Ivan Tretiak
Valery Nikolaev -  Ilya Tretiak
Henry Goodman -  Dr. Lev Botvin
Alun Armstrong -  Inspector Teal
Michael Byrne -  Vereshagin, Tretiak’s Aide
Evgeny Lazarev -  President Karpov
Irina Apeximova -  Frankie
Lev Prigunov -  General Sklarov
Charlotte Cornwell -  Inspector Rabineau
Emily Mortimer -  Woman on Plane
Lucija Serbedzija -  Russian Prostitute
Velibor Topic -  Skinhead
Tommy Flanagan -  Scarface
Yegor Pozenko -  Scratchface


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