The Student Prince (1997)

The Student Prince

How often do you think that you come within seconds of losing your life? Events collide to bring together circumstances where you have a moment to decide whether your life is forfeit. A finger waggle here or there may be all that it takes. HRH ( Rupert Penry-Jones), pubbing incognito, has poured a batch of pints down his neck and has to relieve himself. One of his table mates, Stabber (Trevor Fox), has followed to do the same but in the sink and provokes a confrontation. Barry Grimes (Robson Green), as bodyguard, proffers a warning and gets a kicking for his troubles. Barry pulls a pistol and gives Stabber a choice.

Director:  Simon Curtis
Writer:  Lee Hall
Robson Green -  Barry Grimes
Gavin Richards -  Chief Superintendent
Peter Lovstrom -  Police Driver
Tara Fitzgerald -  Grace
Terence Rigby -  Mr. Garter
Terence Budd -  Sandy
Rupert Penry-Jones -  The Prince
Christopher Staines -  Adams
Graeme Garden -  The Master
Mark Gough -  Hargreaves
Jacqueline King -  The Master’s Wife
Stephen Moore -  Dr. Rymans
Danielle Tilley -  Serena
Judy Cornwell -  Mrs. Quigley
Katherine Porter -  Blue Stocking
Duncan Ross -  Anarchist


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