The Walker (2007)

The Walker

What would you do for a friend? Just about anything? Even thought it might cost you all that you value? Your friends? Your social status? Your lifestyle? Perhaps even your freedom? Carter Page III (Woody Harrelson) is willing to give it all up to protect his friend Lynn Lockner (Kristin Scott Thomas), a US senator’s wife. He claims to have found the body of a mutual friend (even though she did) murdered at home and, as his lie spirals out of control, he refuses to recant and implicate his friend. Meanwhile all about him, politics and the police try to protect themselves and accuse others in the culture of revenge, as Carter brands it, swirling around Washington.

Director:  Paul Schrader
Writer:  Paul Schrader
Woody Harrelson -  Carter Page III
Kristin Scott Thomas -  Lynn Lockner
Lauren Bacall -  Natalie Van Miter
Ned Beatty -  Jack Delorean
Moritz Bleibtreu -  Emek Yoglu
Mary Beth Hurt -  Chrissie Morgan
Lily Tomlin -  Abigail Delorean
Willem Dafoe -  Senator Larry Lockner
William Hope -  Mungo Tenant
Geff Francis -  Detective Dixon
Steven Hartley -  Robbie Kononsberg
Garrick Hagon -  John Krebs
Michael J. Reynolds -  Ethan Withal
Allen Lidkey -  Andrew Salesperson
Stewart Alexander -  Edgar
Andres Williams -  Radley


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