Two Weeks Notice (2002)

Two Weeks Notice

Having a sibling is always a great source of amusement. One can do just about anything reasonable and be forgiven. But strains can show at the oddest times. George Wade (Hugh Grant) is a slacker. He’s unwilling to take the family business seriously and chooses to hire his lawyer models who graduate from caribbean law schools. Howard Wade (David Haig) is getting fed up and he wants George to get his act together George, in an act of brotherly retribution, pays him back for this dressing down by flushing the toilet while Howard is in the shower. I still chortle every time I see this. But then I’m a softie when it comes to fart jokes. Sigh…

Director:  Marc Lawrence; Lawrence
Writer:  Marc Lawrence; Lawrence
Sandra Bullock -  Lucy Kelson
Hugh Grant -  George Wade
Alicia Witt -  June Carter
Dana Ivey -  Ruth Kelson
Robert Klein -  Larry Kelson
Heather Burns -  Meryl Brooks
David Haig -  Howard Wade
Dorian Missick -  Tony
Joseph Badalucco -  Construction Foreman
Jonathan Dokuchitz -  Tom
Veanne Cox -  Melanie Corman
Janine LaManna -  Elaine Cominsky
Iraida Polanco -  Rosario
Charlotte Maier -  Helen Wade
Katheryn Winnick -  Tiffany
Jason Antoon -  Norman


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