You Kill Me (2007)

You Kill Me

When you have one of those jobs that creeps people out, it is hard to make friends and have an usual life. You can mask what you do with euphemisms, you can pretend that you do something else or you can lie. It can lead to all sorts of problems in life like substance abuse, no marital life and few friends you can trust. How do you handle any or all of the situations that come up? One way is to get out of that job. Another is to tell all and sundry what it is that you actually do. Take Frank Falenczyk (Ben Kingsley). He is an alcoholic hitman from Buffalo, New York who is sent to dry out in San Francisco. While working through his 12-step program, he meets and begins dating Laurel Pearson (Téa Leoni) in whom he finds someone who is understanding but ambivalently supportive of his desire to become a better person despite his chosen profession. While getting Frank back in the game, she decides she needs to learn the skills he uses such as target tracking, throat slitting and knife wielding.

Director:  John Dahl
Writer:  Christopher Markus; Stephen McFeely
Ben Kingsley -  Frank Falenczyk
Téa Leoni -  Laurel Pearson
Cory Cassidy -  Restaurant Patron
Luke Wilson -  Tom
Jayne Eastwood -  Kathleen Fitzgerald
Bill Pullman -  Dave
Dennis Farina -  Edward O’Leary
Philip Baker Hall -  Roman Krzeminski
Scott Heindl -  James Doyle
Aaron Hughes -  Stanley
Lorraine James -  Brenda
Micheline Marchildon -  Emily
Devin McCracken -  Henry
Tracy McMahon -  Sales Clerk
Katie Messina -  Becky
Joanne Rodriguez -  Janet


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