1408 (2007)


I’ve been to many book store signings. Some are good and a lot of people turn out. They are appreciative of the commentary by the writer and go away feeling that the time was well spent. The author is pleased that it went so well and sometimes even looks forward to their next stop on the tour. But sometimes you get one like that experienced by Mike Enslin (John Cusack) who arrives for the signing, gets a cursory greeting by the store staff, has a handful of people asking the regular sickening questions and watches them drift off into the night, hoping they get lost in traffic. But authors look forward to those rare attendees like that of the young lady at the signing (Alexandra Silber) who found a copy of Mike’s first book on eBay, doesn’t buy his new book and tells him how much the novel meant to her. It may be poignant moment but it remains with the author to enjoy once again when that usual question repeats at his next tour stop.

Director:  Mikael Håfström
Writer:  Matt Greenberg; Scott Alexander; Larry Karaszewski; Stephen King
John Cusack -  Mike Enslin
Samuel L. Jackson -  Gerald Olin
Mary McCormack -  Lily Enslin
Tony Shalhoub -  Sam Farrell
Jasmine Jessica Anthony -  Katie
Len Cariou -  Father
Isiah Whitlock Jr. -  Engineer
Paul Birchard -  Mr. Innkeeper
Margot Leicester -  Mrs. Innkeeper
Walter Lewis -  Cashier
Eric Meyers -  Man One at Book Signing
David Nicholson -  Man Two at Book Signing
Holly Hayes -  Lady at Book Signing
Alexandra Silber -  Young Woman at Book Signing
Johann Urb -  Surfer Dude
Andrew Lee Potts -  Mailbox Guy


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