Accepted (2006)


Betrayal by your best friend can squeeze your heart and slice your soul to ribbons. You expect them to have your back forever and never figure they’ll tattle on you. Bartleby Gaines (Justin Long) has just been ratted out by his life-long friend who wants to get into a frat. Bartleby has invented a phony college to get his parents off his back and make a little spare cash. Trying to maintain this facade is draining but it is beginning to prove lucrative. Now his buddy’s betrayal leads to the administration, in the form of Dean Van Horne (Anthony Heald), trying to turf him out on a fake parents day.

Director:  Steve Pink
Writer:  Adam Cooper; Bill Collage; Mark Perez
Justin Long -  Bartleby Gaines
Jonah Hill -  Sherman Schrader
Adam Herschman -  Glen
Columbus Short -  Hands Holloway
Maria Thayer -  Rory Thayer
Lewis Black -  Ben Lewis
Blake Lively -  Monica
Mark Derwin -  Jack Gaines
Ann Cusack -  Diane Gaines
Hannah Marks -  Lizzie Gaines
Robin Taylor -  Abernathy Darwin Dunlap
Diora Baird -  Kiki
Joe Hursley -  Maurice / The Ringers
Jeremy Howard -  Freaky Student
Anthony Heald -  Dean Richard Van Horne
Travis Van Winkle -  Hoyt Ambrose


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