Beverly Hills Cop III (1994)

Beverly Hills Cop III

Go ahead, admit it. You’d like to wear one just to see what it is like. No? OK, I will. I’d love to try on of those fuzzy cartoon animal suits you see in theme parks. Okey-Dokey, a blue elephant, is the choice of Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) as he goes after the bad guys. But then the scene of the four other animals, playing poker and chewing stogies makes me uneasy.

Director:  John Landis
Writer:  Danilo Bach; Daniel Petrie, Jr.; Steven E. de Souza
Eddie Murphy -  Det. Axel Foley
Jon Tenney -  Levine
Joey Travolta -  Giolito
Eugene Collier -  Leppert
Jimmy Ortega -  Rondell
Ousaun Elam -  Pederson
Ray Lykins -  Nixon
Tim Gilbert -  McKee
Rick Avery -  Cline
Gil Hill -  Insp. Douglas Todd
Dick Purtan -  Detroit disc jockey
Fred Asparagus -  Bobby
Louis Lombardi -  Snake
Lindsey Ginter -  Holloway
Timothy Carhart -  Ellis De Wald
Michael Bowen -  Fletch


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