Carolina Moon (2007)

Carolina Moon

Wasn’t it one of the Wolfe boys who said that you can’t go home again? I suppose it is true in an abstract sense since all places and those returning are not the same as time passes. You can go back but you shouldn’t expect things to be the same as when you left. Tory Bodeen (Claire Forlani) is back to stay in her small home town but she’s not expecting much to be different when she left. Via a psychic vision, she knew where to find the body of her best friend Hope who had been murdered, the first of a string that continues every year on the same day. Her father had been the principal suspect when he was paid off to skip town. Folks are not too welcoming when she begins to open up her small shop on main street. But a few are able to move beyond the gossip. Cade Lavelle (Oliver Hudson) is still goofy over her and his sister Faith (Josie Davis) proves to be a fountain of support that Tory (and Faith) finds surprising.

Director:  Stephen Tolkin
Writer:  Stephen Tolkin; Nora Roberts
Claire Forlani -  Victoria ‘Tory’ Bodeen
Oliver Hudson -  Cade Lavelle
Josie Davis -  Faith Lavelle
Jonathan Scarfe -  Dwight Collier
Chad Willett -  Wade Mooney
Jacqueline Bisset -  Margaret Lavelle
Shaun Johnston -  Han Bodeen
Greg Lawson -  Police Chief Carl Russ
Maureen Rooney -  Sari Bodeen
Kailin See -  Sherry Bellows
Shae Keebler -  Young Hope Lavelle / Young Faith Lavelle
Gabrielle Casha -  Young Tory Bodeen
Brieanna Moench -  Lissy
Kade Phillips -  Young Cade
Connor Robinson -  Young Wade
Taison Gelinas -  Young Dwight


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