Cleaner (2007)


During my career, I changed job locations exactly twice. I had a number of other chances to take different jobs but the prospect of all the changes associated with new work was too daunting. A new job in a new location isn’t just a matter of getting in a car and turning left instead of right. There is the matter of friends from work and how to maintain the relationships, there is the matter of frequented shops for food and drink and minor purchases made every day, there is the matter of how to organize your day within your employer’s infrastructure. All this can lead to many awkward moments when you meet, by chance, someone from your old job after settling into the new one. Tom Carver (Samuel L. Jackson), an ex-cop who now cleans up bio waste, knows this well. He has moved on to establish a new career but the reception he gets from his old partner, Eddie Lorenzo (Ed Harris), makes him wonder whether any engendered loyalty remains or is he now just a citizen who should queue up like the rest. Or maybe Eddie just doesn’t understand why he had to move on.

Director:  Renny Harlin; Martin Troy
Writer:  Matthew Aldrich; Jon Bonnell
Samuel L. Jackson -  Tom Cutler
Ed Harris -  Eddie Lorenzo
Eva Mendes -  Ann Norcut
Luis Guzmán -  Det. Jim Vargas
Keke Palmer -  Rose Cutler
Maggie Lawson -  Cherie
Jose Pablo Cantillo -  Miguel
Robert Forster -  Arlo Grange
Edrick Browne -  Det. Darrin Harris
Marc Macaulay -  Vic
Rosalind Rubin -  Crying Woman
Mike Guy -  Priest #1
Richard Folmer -  Priest #2
James Barnes -  Lawyer
Linda Leonard -  Francine Mason
Ritchie Montgomery -  George Walton


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