Closure (2007)


Most crimes that police investigate involve ones against other persons or ones involving property. Property can be replaced or repaired. But what about people? How can they be fixed? Civilized society prescribes that incarceration is about the best they can do. But is that enough? Sometimes healing requires other avenues. Alice (Gillian Anderson) has let society try but it has given her no satisfaction. She decided the perps need a remedial less in what revenge can mean. Notwithstanding their excuses for their crimes, some folks have trouble in understand what goes around comes around. But they will.

Director:  Dan Reed
Writer:  Dan Reed
Danny Dyer -  Adam
Gillian Anderson -  Alice
Adam Rayner -  Jago
Antony Byrne -  Misha
Anthony Calf -  Heffer
Ralph Brown -  Jamie
Steven Robertson -  Bill
Gugu Mbatha-Raw -  Young PA
Neil Finnighan -  Man On Horse
Francesca Fowler -  Sophie


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