Junebug (2005)


One of the many steps we take as we grow into an adult is consider how we fit into the culture in which we find ourselves. This is particularly the case when we move to another city, take on a new occupation and gather around us new friends and loved ones. When we’re faced with showing someone new where we come from, sometimes we slip back into our old life leaving our new acquaintance gobsmacked. It is as if they have been replaced by a not-to-bright alien.

George (Alessandro Nivola) has the demeanour of a cosmopolitan sophisticate and his new wife Madeleine (Embeth Davidtz), a chic art gallery owner from Chicago, is smitten. On a trip to corral a new artist who lives near George’s family, they stop by for a visit. Madeleine doesn’t know quite what to make of the George she sees and how he reacts to old family friends. From the gospel singing with his old church choir buddies to how he is greeted at a church supper, she is stunned by this man she hardly knows.

Director:  Phil Morrison
Writer:  Angus MacLachlan
Amy Adams -  Ashley
Embeth Davidtz -  Madeleine
Alessandro Nivola -  George
Frank Hoyt Taylor -  David Wark
Celia Weston -  Peg
Scott Wilson -  Eugene
Ben McKenzie -  Johnny
Amy Barefoot -  Kitty, friend at shower
Annette Beatty -  Dr. Beatty
Matt Besser -  Scout who goes in
Beth Bostic -  Lucille, the neighbor
Jamie Castlebury -  Woman at Shower
Carrie Daniel -  Bonnie, friend at shower
Jeffrey Dean Foster -  Gallery Assistant
Katherine Foster -  Pregnant Patient
Teresa Fowler -  Nurse #1


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