Mr. Brooks (2007)

Mr. Brooks

Bad guys always seem to figure that their plans will work out the way they want them to. You’d expect they would realize that not everything is within their control. When escaped murderer Thorton Meeks (Matt Schulze) grabs Detective Tracy Arnold (Demi Moore) off the street and wheels away in the panel truck driven by his girlfriend, he expects he can subdue her and gloats that he is going to hang her like his other victims. It soon becomes apparent to him that Tracy is not going gently as she struggles against his attempt to handcuff her, his attempts to pummel her while she is hanging onto the hair of the van’s driver, while the vehicle careens through the street, clipping other cars, disrupting traffic and maneuvering out of control. Meeks’s final embarrassment pops up when the truck twists into stopped autos and Tracy is launched out the door to land on the windshield of a parked car. He has to scamper away to dispose of the van before the police recapture him. He isn’t a happy killer.

Director:  Bruce A. Evans
Writer:  Bruce A. Evans; Raynold Gideon
Kevin Costner -  Mr. Earl Brooks
Demi Moore -  Detective Tracy Atwood
Dane Cook -  Mr. Smith
William Hurt -  Marshall
Marg Helgenberger -  Emma Brooks
Ruben Santiago-Hudson -  Hawkins
Danielle Panabaker -  Jane Brooks
Aisha Hinds -  Nancy Hart
Lindsay Crouse -  Captain Lister
Jason Lewis -  Jesse Vialo
Reiko Aylesworth -  Sheila
Matt Schulze -  Thorton Meeks
Yasmine Delawari -  Sunday
Michael Cole -  Atwood’s Lawyer
Jim Farnum -  Master of Ceremonies
Megan Brown -  Dance Couple


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