Music and Lyrics (2007)

Music and Lyrics

I’m a book guy, have been for many years. But it took a movie to remind me that you can take all of the novels in the world and not one of them will make me feel as good, as fast as hearing The Temptations singing Smokey’s song about having sunshine on a cloudy day and when it cold outside, I’ve got the month of May. Thanks, Smokey.

Director:  Marc Lawrence
Writer:  Marc Lawrence
Hugh Grant -  Alex Fletcher
Drew Barrymore -  Sophie Fisher
Brad Garrett -  Chris Riley
Kristen Johnston -  Rhonda Fisher
Campbell Scott -  Sloan Cates
Scott Porter -  Colin Thompson
Nick Bacon -  Pop Bass Player
Andrew Wyatt -  Pop Guitar Player
Dan McMillan -  Pop Drummer
Tom Foligno -  Has-Beens Promo Announcer
Zak Orth -  David Newbert – TV Executive #1
Brooke Tansley -  Janice Stern – TV Executive #2
Daniel Stewart Sherman -  Willy
Aasif Mandvi -  Khan
Haley Bennett -  Cora Corman
Matthew Morrison -  Ray


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