Pistol Whipped (2008)

Pistol Whipped

There always seems to be some guy in some bar that thinks verbally abusing the female staff raises his stature amongst his compatriots. Guys like Bruno (Arthur J. Nascarella) who tells Emily (Rue DeBona) that he’ll rape he anally if he wants and thinks he’s being fresh with her. When Matt (Steven Seagal) sits down at his table and asks him to apologize, Bruno says he’d be happy to do it by not wiping his dick in her drapes. Uh oh… not what Matt thinks is sufficient.

Director:  Roel Reiné
Writer:  J.D. Zeik
Steven Seagal -  Matt
Bernie McInerney -  Father Joe
Ashley Greenfield -  Card Player #1
John P. Gulino -  Card Player #2
Antoni Corone -  Sharp
Matt Salinger -  Dealer
Paul Calderon -  Blue
Lance Henriksen -  The Old Man
Lydia Jordan -  Becky
Mark Elliot Wilson -  Steve
Arthur J. Nascarella -  Bruno
Toru Ohno -  Johnny
Renee Goldsberry -  Drea
Rue DeBona -  Emily
Lee Wong -  Mr. Ling
Wass Stevens -  Tim Wheeler


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