Razor Blade Smile (1998)

Razor Blade Smile

Is there such a thing as overkill? Our vamp Lilith (Eileen Daley) sucks the life out of her victim and then pops him three times with her pistol. But then she is part assassin. But her escape is impeded by two tennis-playing bodyguards. With a vague aim, she fire off a couple of rounds missing each one. I guess she is a short-range assassin.

Director:  Jake West
Writer:  Jake West
Eileen Daly -  Lilith Silver
Christopher Adamson -  Sethane Blake
Jonathan Coote -  Detective Inspector Price
Kevin Howarth -  Platinum
David Warbeck -  The Horror Movie Man
Heidi James -  Ariauna
Isabel Brook -  Celeste
Louisa Moore -  Silk
Grahame Wood -  Student Photographer
Jennifer Guy -  Cindy Arnold
Georgio Serafini -  Leonard Arnold
Mark Caven -  The Detective
Brad Lavelle -  The Chill Pilgrim
Peter Godwin -  Illuminati Conspirator
Scott Bennett -  Guard 1 – Max
Paul Marino -  Guard 2 – Paul


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