Rise (2007)


Sometimes what you realize that you don’t know as much as you think you do. Proto-vampire Sadie (Lucy Liu) is killing those who turned her. She finds Eve (Carla Gugino) in a lounge and is about to stake her with a crossbow, when Eve tries to persuade and seduce her with information and misdirection. Sadie may be a novice and in need of some context for her future, but a silver tongue will only take you so far.

In a delightful skirmish of words we discover that Sadie’s saviour isn’t what he seems to be. Eve isn’t as charming as she thinks she is. And Sadie isn’t as gullible as Eve hopes.

Director:  Sebastian Gutierrez
Writer:  Sebastian Gutierrez
Robert Forster -  Lloyd
Cameron Richardson -  Collette
Lucy Liu -  Sadie Blake
Allan Rich -  Harrison
Samantha Shelton -  LA Weekly Editor
Kevin Wheatley -  Ethan Mills
Margo Harshman -  Tricia Rawlins
Cameron Goodman -  Kaitlin
Holt McCallany -  Rourke
James D’Arcy -  Bishop
Carla Gugino -  Eve
Michael Chiklis -  Clyde Rawlins
Paul Cassell -  Detective Easton
Mako -  Poe
Sam Cooper -  Coroner’s Assistant
Natsuko Ohama -  Sadie’s Mother


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