Sex and Death 101 (2007)

Sex and Death 101

Regardless of how it is presented, the classic argument of fate versus free will will always have adherents. Some sway from one side to the other, some will never switch and some don’t much care. You can tart it up with some lipstick and call it destiny, but fate always looms large over how people view what is happening to them and their society. But that pesky free will will constantly seek to undermine any belief in the credibility that events are ordained and there is nothing to be done to change them. Which side do you figure is the proper one? Well, Roderick Blank (Simon Baker) is square on the side of fate. He gets a list of the women he’ll bed during his lifetime and spends his time figuring out how to meet them. But the last one is a serial killer known as ‘Death Nell’ (Winona Ryder). Maybe it’s time to take another look at free will.

Director:  Daniel Waters
Writer:  Daniel Waters
Robert Wisdom -  Alpha
Tanc Sade -  Beta
Patton Oswalt -  Fred
Simon Baker -  Roderick Blank
Mindy Cohn -  Trixie
Winona Ryder -  Death Nell / Gillian De Raisx
Keram Malicki-Sánchez -  Master Bitchslap
Julie Bowen -  Fiona Wormwood
Neil Flynn -  Zack
Corinne Reilly -  Lizzie
Cindy Pickett -  Roderick’s Mother
Dash Mihok -  Lester
Bryan Fuller -  Buzzkilling Bodyguard
Jessica Kiper -  Precious / Carlotta Valdes
Bryan Ross -  Bachelor Party Buddy
Greg Travis -  Vulgar Newsstand Vendor


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