Shoot ‘Em Up (2007)

Shoot 'Em Up

After Smith (Clive Owen) and Donna Quintano (Monica Bellucci) elude their pursuers for the umpteenth time, they find themselves drawn to one another. In the throes of erotic ecstasy, their door flies open and a gun starts blazing. The two of them remained joined at the hip, rolling off the bed with Smith firing away. Another bursts through the window, and they spin across the floor. The gunmen continue alternately coming in through the window and door and the lovers keep spinning while wrapped around one another until the last one enters the room and the lovers bump into the wall for the climax.

Director:  Michael Davis
Writer:  Michael Davis
Clive Owen -  Smith
Paul Giamatti -  Hertz
Monica Bellucci -  Donna Quintano
Stephen McHattie -  Hammerson
Greg Bryk -  Lone Man
Daniel Pilon -  Senator Rutledge
Sidney Mende-Gibson -  Baby Oliver
Lucas Mende-Gibson -  Baby Oliver
Kaylyn Yellowlees -  Baby Oliver
Ramona Pringle -  Baby’s Mother
Julian Richings -  Hertz’s Driver
Tony Munch -  Man Who Rides Shotgun
Scott McCord -  Killer Shot in Behind
Wiley M. Pickett -  1st Killer
Stephen R. Hart -  Club Bouncer
David Ury -  Diner Holdup Leader


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