Sydney White (2007)

Sydney White

Leaving home is a big deal. I still remember the day when I left home for the first time. I was moving about 1,500 miles west to take a summer job at the tender age of 17. Being a boy, I was full of bluff and bullshit but I was a cowering bunny inside. No parents to deflect the rest of local society, no friends to have my back and crack wise with, no idea of where and what anything was. Mind you at that age I thought I was immortal so I could do anything. It was only at night I found that I missed all of the elements with which I’d grown up. I imagine this was the case for Sydney White (Amanda Bynes) when she stands at the open door of the bus with her dad, Paul (John Schneider), saying good bye as she leaves home and extended family to head off to college.

Director:  Joe Nussbaum
Writer:  Chad Gomez Creasey
Amanda Bynes -  Sydney White
Sara Paxton -  Rachel Witchburn
Matt Long -  Tyler Prince
Jack Carpenter -  Lenny
Jeremy Howard -  Terrence Lubinecki
Crystal Hunt -  Demetria Rosemead ‘Dinky’ Hotchkiss
Adam Hendershott -  Jeremy
Danny Strong -  Gurkin
Samm Levine -  Spanky
Libby Mintz -  Christy
John Schneider -  Paul White
Arnie Pantoja -  George
Donté Bonner -  Embele
Brian Patrick Clarke -  Professor Carleton
Lauren Leech -  Katy
Cree Ivey -  Young Sydney White


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