The Defender (2004)

The Defender

Jerry Springer as POTUS? He may be able to talk the talk but I’d imagine he’d have a tough time dealing with the day-to-day stuff. The second shock is that Dolph Lundgren is the director of this movie and he does a better than average job. Colour me surprised.

Director:  Dolph Lundgren; Corey Yuen; Kazuya Konaka
Writer:  Douglas W. Miller
Dolph Lundgren -  Lance Rockford
Jerry Springer -  President of the United States
Shakara Ledard -  Kaye
Thomas Lockyer -  Stevenson
Caroline Lee-Johnson -  Mrs. Jones
Gerald Kyd -  Morgan
Ian Porter -  Newell
Howard Antony -  Parker
Geoffrey Burton -  Jamal
Iddo Goldberg -  Scripts
James Chalke -  Lee
Leigh Zimmerman -  Reporter
Steven Elder -  Tech 1
Radu Florescu -  Aide
Ovidiu Niculescu -  Officer
Cristina Teodorescu -  Nurse


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