The Jewel of the Nile (1985)

The Jewel of the Nile

Truth is a slippery topic. Often it depends upon your point of view. There is an old maxim that says something like “history is written by the victors.” Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) learns all about it after being lured to write a puff piece about a middle eastern ruler by the name of Omar (Spiros Focas). She discovers that he is a brutal theocrat and that, until she agrees to finish the article to introduce him to the world as a benevolent, enlightened ruler working to unite the Arab world, she’ll languish in prison. Enter her somewhat world weary swain Jack Colton (Michael Douglas).

Director:  Lewis Teague
Writer:  Mark Rosenthal; Lawrence Konner; Diane Thomas
Michael Douglas -  Jack Colton
Kathleen Turner -  Joan Wilder
Danny DeVito -  Ralph
Spiros Focás -  Omar
Avner Eisenberg -  Jewel
Paul David Magid -  Tarak
Howard Jay Patterson -  Barak
Randall Edwin Nelson -  Karak
Samuel Ross Williams -  Arak
Timothy Daniel Furst -  Sarak
Hamid Fillali -  Rachid
Holland Taylor -  Gloria
Guy Cuevas -  Le Vasseur
Peter DePalma -  Missionary
Mark Daly Richards -  Pirate
Sadeke Colobanane -  Nubian Chief


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