The Last Run (2004)

The Last Run

It is easy to get lost. All it takes is a wrong turn and you find yourself looking around and wondering what happened and how you got to this point. Just as Steven Goodson (Fred Savage). He took the advice of his friend Jack Manning (Steven Pasquale), went on a tear after dumping his cheating girlfriend Chloe (Andrea Bogart) and turned into a hound of the first stripe. Now he’s broke, fired from his job and sniffing around any girl that will give him the time of day. One night, he runs into Amelia (Erinn Bartlett), an old high school chum he was too shy to date, and finds himself ambivalent over whether he wants to see her again or seduce her on the spot. Maybe he has run out of steam.

Director:  Jonathan Segal; Anthony Hickox
Writer:  Todd M. Camhe; Jonathan Segal
Fred Savage -  Steven Goodson
Amy Adams -  Alexis
Steven Pasquale -  Jack Manning
Andrea Bogart -  Chloe
Erinn Bartlett -  Amelia
Vyto Ruginis -  Clancy
Robert Romanus -  Steven’s Boss
Ray Baker -  Mr. Powers
Abby Brammell -  Bar-Back Chick
Amanda Swisten -  Sage
Lisa Arturo -  Ginger
Jillian Bach -  Felicia
Ina Barron -  Stunning Brunette
Judith Benezra -  Bridget
Art Bonilla -  Landscaping Co-Worker
Sharon Brathwaite -  Renee


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