The Russian Specialist (2005)

The Russian Specialist

What does it take to kill some guys? Sasha (Ivan Petrushinov), a Russian gangster, is left lying inside his car with a bullet through his head. It was put there by Nick Cherenko (Dolph Lundgren) who, after the killing of his wife and son in a firefight, popped him and fled to the USA. Now maybe seven years later, he is approached by a woman who wants him to rescue her daughter who has been kidnapped and sold into a white slavery ring run by none other than the aforementioned Sacha. Nick has some ideas that he’d like to try out to make sure that he is able to put Sasha down permanently.

Director:  Dolph Lundgren
Writer:  Bryan Edward Hill; Dolph Lundgren
Dolph Lundgren -  Nick Cherenko
Ben Cross -  William Burton
Ivan Petrushinov -  Sasha
Olivia Lee -  Julia
Raicho Vasilev -  Achmed
Assen Blatechki -  Yuri
Hilda van der Meulen -  Alina
Velizar Binev -  The German
Barry Evans -  Barry
Maria Ilieva -  Natalya


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