True Crime (1995)

True Crime

Sometimes there is stuff worth knowing despite what others may think. Mary Gordano (Alicia Silverstone) works her way through the lock picking handbook. As her mom comes in, Mary slides it beneath a pillow. She is able to use this information to pick the detective’s door lock to score the carnival’s employee list.

Director:  Pat Verducci
Writer:  Pat Verducci
Alicia Silverstone -  Mary Gordano
Kevin Dillon -  Tony Campbell
Bill Nunn -  Detective Jerry Gunn
Michael Bowen -  Earl Perkins
Jennifer Savidge -  Vicki Gordano
Sean Moran -  Boomer Relvecio
Ann Devaney -  Sherry Tarnley
Joshua Schaefer -  John Giordano
Marla Sokoloff -  Vicki Giordano
Tara Subkoff -  Liz McConnell
David Packer -  Sergeant Collins
Alissa Dowdy -  Kathleen Donlevy
Aimee Brooks -  Margie Donlevy
Brian Wankum -  Roger
Melissa DeLizia -  Girl #1
Tiombe Anika Lockhart -  Girl #2


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