Walking Tall: The Payback (2007)

Walking Tall: The Payback

Sneaky, creepy guys bluster and chatter like squirrels and they have a predilection for going after the girls. Harvey Morris (A.J. Buckley) and his two buddies arrive at Crystal Martin’s (Jennifer Sipes) trailer eager to punish her for talking to the good guys about a secret council meeting. They try intimidation and move on to rape to show how manly they are.

Director:  Tripp Reed; Earl Bellamy
Writer:  Joe Halpin; Brian Strasmann; Howard B. Kreitsek
Kevin Sorbo -  Nick Prescott
Yvette Nipar -  Agent Kate Jensen
A.J. Buckley -  Harvey Morris
Gail Cronauer -  Emma Prescott
Bentley Mitchum -  Walter Morris
Haley Ramm -  Samantha Jensen
Jennifer Sipes -  Crystal Martin
Robert Paschall Jr. -  Doyle Reed
Charles Baker -  Nate
Ron Bath -  Restaurant Patron
Riley Chambers -  Juror
Steve M. Clark -  Police/Deputy Sheriff
Jerry Cotton -  Traxell Byrne
John S. Davies -  Det. Pete Michaels
Vince Davis -  Dan Moses
J.D. Fryberger -  Howie


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