War (2007)


There are many types of family. Each type are subject to the strains of daily life. They may come from within as people struggle to assert their independence or dominance. They may come from outside as intruders seek to dissemble the links that hold it together or seek to shear off someone to persuade them to join another family. Each are mutable as new members join because they want its safety or security and others leave to start their own or are torn apart because of death. And sometimes all of these forces combine along with others to scare all members into realizing how fragile a family can be. FBI Special Agent Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) know all about it. He has lost all of his families but his blue one following the murder of his partner Tom Lone (Terry Chen), his wife and child. And now the one whom everyone believes began this disaster is back. He is a former CIA assassin now working for the Japanese Yakuza named Rogue (Jet Li) who seems also to be in cahoots with the triad families and appears to be playing one off against the other. Crawford hopes they kill themselves but he wants to save Rogue for himself but he has a few surprises for him.

Director:  Philip G. Atwell
Writer:  Lee Anthony Smith; Gregory J. Bradley
Jet Li -  Rogue
Jason Statham -  Special Agent Jack Crawford
John Lone -  Li Chang
Devon Aoki -  Kira Yanagawa
Luis Guzmán -  Benny
Saul Rubinek -  Dr. Sherman
Ryo Ishibashi -  Shiro Yanagawa
Sung Kang -  Special Agent Goi
Mathew St. Patrick -  Special Agent Wick
Nadine Velazquez -  Maria
Andrea Roth -  Jenny Crawford
Kenneth Choi -  Takada
Mark Cheng -  Wu Ti
Kane Kosugi -  Temple Garden Warrior
Kennedy Montano -  Ana Chang
Terry Chen -  Special Agent Tom Lone


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